If you want to share the story of your passion with Szczecin denizens:
  • contact us – we will tell you how to prepare
  • for practice, take a peek at PK presentations at pechakucha.com – find out how others do it and what they talk about
  • prepare 20 images (jpg, png) that you want to talk about or that constitute a background for your story
  • set up a pechakucha.com account – make it possible for PechaKucha community to see your creation
  • create and publish your presentations today – use PK Create PK Create
There are just 2 things to PechaKucha:
  • non-commercial – non sales or marketing
  • 20x20 – 20 images, each auto-advancing after 20 seconds

Tu znajdziesz więcej wskazówek: Pomocnik dla prezenterów

Be a PechaKucha Szczecin Nights Star!!!
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